Frequently Asked Questions

How to play?

You can seamlessly play with those devices:

Move around at the title screen in order to decide which controls you prefer.

What do I need to play?

In order to play JERK, you'll need a modern HTML5-compatible browser. Browsers are free to download and install. HTML5 is also relatively new technology, so it's important to also keep your browser up to date to its latest version. Supported browsers are:

We recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for a smooth experience.

Why is the game lagging?

You should close all the tabs in your browser and avoid to open resource eating programs.
If you still have performance issues, you should run the test: how well does your browser support html5?

What about iPads?

Sorry but because of iOS 7 recent limitations with HTML5, iPads and other iStuff are not supported.

How to participate in the contest?

You'll need to have a Twitter of Facebook account and to share your BEST SCORE at the end of your game session.
Winners will be randomly picked each week within those who have shared the game using MiniWebTool random-picker.
Winners will be contacted by our team and will be displayed on the website.

What can we win?